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Today is a GREAT day! 6 months NO SMOKING! Ah I really can’t believe how fast time has gone by—the 1st week was pretty rough and I honestly didn’t know if I’d get this far. But now I can say that I DON’T miss it one little bit and I couldn’t be happier about making the decision to quit! The only thing that got me through the 1st month was exercise—every time I felt the urge to smoke I’d get up and DO something, something active, something that made me realize how good it felt to BREATHE! 6 months later I love this new active, healthy lifestyle and I feel confident in saying that I’ll never smoke again.

This was a big weekend—6 months no smoking and yesterday The Boo and I celebrated our 2 year ANNIVERSARY! :)Love ya BOO! We had an aaaaamazing dinner at Brigantine Restaurant in Poway, I had Broiled Scallop and Shrimp Skewers with a double order of veggies


I obviously hated it…


HA Just Kidding–it was so DELICIOUS! Went very well with my glass of Riesling 🙂


The Boo had an amazing Seafood Combo that he pretty much devoured as well


Before dinner the waiter brought out a HUGE basket of bread which is my weekness–I really could eat bread all day long! So we both had a small piece and asked the waiter to take the basket so we didn’t fill up before the food came out.

After dinner we went to our favorite Self Serve Frozen Yogurt joint in Carmel Mountain–Frutti Tutti=HEAVEN! Such a great night, can’t wait to spend many many more years with The Boo!

Guess what I’m making tonight….VEGAN cookies! 🙂 Stay Tuned…


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