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I’ve been seeing these go around so I thought I’d join the club–I actually took this from my Facebook so here it is…

1. I have a fear of cats
2. Growing up I was never close to my dad—he’s now my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without him.
3. I’m spoiled—always have been and I’ll be the first to admit it!
4. I want to move back to New York someday! I love everything about it but know that I could never be that far away from my dad.
5. I’m obsessed with weddings
6. I want a really big family…really big! I can’t wait to be a mom
7. But my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to have children
8. I’m not a phone person…I absolutely hate talking on the phone
9. My boyfriend truly is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and almost anytime I talk to someone about him they tell me the same thing. I’m a lucky girl!
10. The past 4 years have been and probably will be the hardest in my life
11. I refuse to wear high heels and if I had it my way I would wear flip flops everyday!
12. I’m a hypochondriac and probably see my doctor more than I see some of my friends
13. I’ve known my best friend for almost 20 years–we’re more like sisters
14. My new hobby is photography and I absolutely love it!
15. I care too much about what other people think of me sometimes
16. I have a really hard time sitting still and relaxing for a long time–I always feel like I need to be up and doing something
17. I’ve grown up really fast over the past few years through my experiences but still feel like people don’t take me seriously and that I’ll always be a little kid.
18. Coleslaw is the one thing I refuse to eat! I can’t even eat if it’s on the plate with my other food! Yuck! And I’m not even a picky eater—I really will try just about anything.
19. My family means everything to me and I miss them all the time because they’re all so far away
20. I love to clean
21. I love working out! It’s a great stress reliever and I always feel amazing afterwards.
22. I’m starting to learn that you can’t make everyone happy. You can just do what you can to make yourself happy and hope that those who love you will love you no matter what.
23. I never liked my whole name and still don’t know what my parents were thinking!
24. I want to be on Don’t Forget the Lyrics because I really am convinced I could win a million dollars!
25. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t wish I could just have one more conversation with my mom. There are so many things that I feel like I still need to know about life

Tell me some things about yourself…it’s kinds fun! 🙂

Lots of food pics to come…been a busy weekend!


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