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My Friday off was AMAZING–so excited I still have 3 more days of this weekend! Tonight is the night I am being whisked away by my best friend for my birthday, she’s not telling me where we’re going except for the fact that it’s not in San Diego and I need to dress semi nice! Ah the suspense is killing me!!!

So last night me and The Boo decided to make our own pizza, something we’ve both never done so we were both a little worried about the outcome!

We started off with a WW Boboli

pizza 004

Once we got the crust out of the bag and on to our pizza sheet, we brushed the edges with a little EVOO

pizza 007

We put a super small layer of tomato paste on the crust and then COVERED it in CHEESE–parmesan and mild cheddar. I’m not a huge cheese fan, I mean I like it on pizza but as a whole i can usually do without it. The Boo however,  is a cheese JUNKIE, so naturally the pizza had cheese overload!

pizza 009

As Boo was piling it all on, I was sauteeing the spinach to add to our toppings

pizza 010

Once this was done we put it on top of our cheese layer and also added some diced tomatoes and onions

pizza 012

How gorgeous does that look? I could have totally stopped here, I mean look how yummy

pizza 013

But we did add chicken so we put that on as well and then baked in the oven at 450 for about 10-12 minutes. We leaned more towards 12 because we both like our crust crispy and that it was!

pizza 022

You can kind of see that we put more chicken on one side–I much prefer everything else so I didn’t really want a lot on my side. Oh and yes I just said my SIDE, that’s right I ate HALF of this baby and enjoyed every last bite! 🙂

pizza 025

To top it all off…

pizza 005

Definitely a fun night! 🙂  We were actually pretty pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed the pizza, so we’re already coming up with our next creation! The pizza might be making a regular appearance on the blog…stay tuned!


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