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Rutabaga Fries

As most of you know, I’ve recently been trying to branch out of my little bubble of habbits–well I was at the grocery store looking for some new and exciting food to add to the menu this week and I came across something I’ve NEVER had…a Rutabaga. I’ve heard of them and have seen them used in different dishes but had yet to try this cross between a cabbage and turnip–so I picked a few up and here is what I did!

rutabaga fries 009

Preheat oven to 425

I peeled them as I would a potato and made my best attempt at cutting them into FRIES–some steak fries, some shoestring fries 🙂 I’m working at my fry cutting skills for sure!

rutabaga fries 010

I spread them out on a pan then; added a bit of EVOO, salt, nutmeg, and basil–all spices I like, so I  figured they’d go great all together (I’m such a professional, I know!)

rutabaga fries 015

I let them cook for about 14 minutes…they made the house smell amazing! When I took them out of the oven I threw on a bit more seasoning and let them sit for a few before I dove in!

rutabaga fries 016

Well…..I loooooved them! 🙂

They had a spice to them that I really enjoyed and the mix that I threw on top wasn’t bad at all, infact I’ll definitely use it again next time.

rutabaga fries 020

I really am a HUGE french fry fan and am always looking for healthy variations, so the fact that this one has fewer calories AND carbs than an actual potato is awesome, especially since I’ll be making them again.


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Well today was officially the last day of my 4 day weekend! 😦 I’m definitely a bit bummed because who wants to go back to work? But I had such an amazing birthday! My best friend of 20 years whisked me away on Saturday for a birthday surprise—turns out we went to see FIDDLER ON THE ROOF! We drove up to Hollywood and had dinner at a great Sushi restaurant and then we walked down Hollywood Blvd to the theater. I’m a HUGE musical theater lover so it really was the most amazing gift—not only was I excited to see it but it turns out TOPAL was starring in it. THE Topal! He’s the man who actually starred in the award winning movie and has played this part for many years, these are his farewell performances and I feel so lucky to have seen it!

Today was a very snacky day for me—I wasn’t really in the mood to have anything too heavy since I’ve been “vacation” eating for the last 4 days. One of my favorite things to eat when I’m not super hungry and I just want a quick and not too heavy something is tuna. I loooove tuna! So today I made a can with:

  • ONLY mustard (no mayo)
  • Red Onions
  • Capers (something new I tried and loved)
  • Pepper

Webb Park 009

I’m sorry, I tried but tuna just never LOOKS super appetizing!

This afternoon The Boo and I went for a long walk at Webb Park in Rancho Bernardo. A great place to go when you want to get out and enjoy some beautiful scenery. I’ll be devoting a whole post to the area so I’ll get back to it very soon–here are some pictures

Webb Park 017

Oh and we got to see some cute little duckies!

Webb Park 063

Before we left the house I brought a little snack with me just in case I got hungry while we were out and about and I’m SO glad I did. Flying Vegan makes THE most amazing bars! They’re so moist and delicious, kind of reminded me of banana bread but without the banana taste–I’d have to go as far as to say that I’m addicted and I’m not even Vegan!!

Webb Park 013

It was the perfect thing to hold me over during our afternoon stroll. Not only is it absolutrly DELICIOUS, the ingredients just can’t get much better and like the website says: “All ingredients are gluten-free, certified Organic and purchased locally. Each 3 oz. bar contains 80% Raw ingredients.”

Definitely check these out at FLYING VEGAN you won’t be disappointed at all!

After Webb Park we decided to hit up the grocery store and get some food for the week. I came across some Cantaloupe and Honeydew that sounded way too good to pass on so I picked some up–they’re a great snack to have during the week to bring to work!

I just cut them in half, slice them up and stick them in tupperware so they’re way easy to much on.

Webb Park 093

Did the same with the Cantaloupe

Webb Park 099

Webb Park 094

Webb Park 101

Sooo a few weeks ago I bought Lentils without really having a purpose for them. I often do this and end up with a cabinet filled with random ingredients, none of which go together. So today I decided to experiment with the lentils in hopes that I’d create something easy and yummy. I got the idea from something I saw while flipping through a magazine the other day–I don’t know what they used as the filling but I thought hey…why not try it with lentils?!?! They ARE a superfood, they’re filled with cholesterol-lowering fiber,  a member of the legume family, and have tons of protein and NO fat!

Webb Park 111

This is what I did! I sliced some zucchini SUPER thin, sauteed in a pan

Webb Park 105

Then I rolled the lentils inside with a little spinach and tadaa

Webb Park 116

Super easy, SUPER random, super good! I’d definitely make them again–I thought they’d add a little excitement to the blog instead of my same old, same old. 🙂

I took a day off from the gym today since I’m pretty sore from trying to run outside the other day–my body didn’t handle the concrete very well. OUCH!

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My Friday off was AMAZING–so excited I still have 3 more days of this weekend! Tonight is the night I am being whisked away by my best friend for my birthday, she’s not telling me where we’re going except for the fact that it’s not in San Diego and I need to dress semi nice! Ah the suspense is killing me!!!

So last night me and The Boo decided to make our own pizza, something we’ve both never done so we were both a little worried about the outcome!

We started off with a WW Boboli

pizza 004

Once we got the crust out of the bag and on to our pizza sheet, we brushed the edges with a little EVOO

pizza 007

We put a super small layer of tomato paste on the crust and then COVERED it in CHEESE–parmesan and mild cheddar. I’m not a huge cheese fan, I mean I like it on pizza but as a whole i can usually do without it. The Boo however,  is a cheese JUNKIE, so naturally the pizza had cheese overload!

pizza 009

As Boo was piling it all on, I was sauteeing the spinach to add to our toppings

pizza 010

Once this was done we put it on top of our cheese layer and also added some diced tomatoes and onions

pizza 012

How gorgeous does that look? I could have totally stopped here, I mean look how yummy

pizza 013

But we did add chicken so we put that on as well and then baked in the oven at 450 for about 10-12 minutes. We leaned more towards 12 because we both like our crust crispy and that it was!

pizza 022

You can kind of see that we put more chicken on one side–I much prefer everything else so I didn’t really want a lot on my side. Oh and yes I just said my SIDE, that’s right I ate HALF of this baby and enjoyed every last bite! 🙂

pizza 025

To top it all off…

pizza 005

Definitely a fun night! 🙂  We were actually pretty pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed the pizza, so we’re already coming up with our next creation! The pizza might be making a regular appearance on the blog…stay tuned!


I wanted to let everyone know that the wonderful people from Kay’s Naturals have decided to give all of my readers 20% off all of their products until November 5th! How awesome is that? Once you’re at checkout make sure you enter the code “foodnfit” and you’ll get this fabulous discount! Seriously, don’t forget to head over to their website and take advantage of this great opportunity, their snacks really are delicious and so convenient for an active lifestyle that I know many of you lead! Kay’s Naturals

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Happy Sunday–I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

Wow am I tired! It’s been a long weekend and I’m super excited to catch up on some beauty sleep tonight…I have a long week ahead of me.

Friday night The Boo and I were planning on going out with some friends of ours after work–I didn’t feel like I’d have enough time to go to the gym so i did a little workout of my own at home.

  • 2 min. running full speed on treadmill
  • 5 min. strength training
  • 2 min. running full speed on treadmill
  • 5 min. strength training

I repeated this for about 45 min to an hour and boy was I pooped! I was kinda bummed at first that I wouldn’t be getting a good workout in before a night of drinks and yummy food, but I definitely burned some major calories!

Later that night before meeting up with our friends I tried some Newman’s Own Organics  Apricots–I’m obsessed!

Quiche 045

These are so delicious and so convenient for me since I’m such a snacker–they’re a nice little treat when I start getting picky and don’t know what to eat. I found that these definitely satisfy my sweet tooth and munchie behavior! I can’t wait to try some others…

Quiche 046

So Friday night with the friends was a BLAST! We went to El Torito and had some Mojito’s (YUM) while we were serenaded by many karaoke singers–toooooo funny! We then headed to Capri Blu a cute little bistro and wine bar–we went there for a drink and to hear a good friend of ours sing. I tried my first EVER martini, filthy martini to be exact…don’t know if I’ll be trying it again, twas a bit strong for my liking!

Sat morning we forced ourselves to get up and get our butts to the gym–I always feel it’s a necessity after a night of alcohol and greasy food! I did my usual routine–walking on an incline with the occasionl run!

Sat night we decided to try something new and make out own homeade SANGRIA!

Quiche 009

We put some frozen fruit at the bottom of the pitcher and poured in some Merlot–it actually turned out pretty yummy!

Quiche 015

Breakfast this morning was DELICIOUS–I haven’t had oatmeal in a while so I made an amazing bowl with

  • Almond Milk
  • Oats
  • Honey
  • Scoop of Almond Butter
  • 1/2 Banana

Quiche 017


Anyway tonight I made one of my favorites–Mini Quiche! They’re such a great light snack!

I started by sauteeing Spinach and Mushroom

Quiche 029

Combined it into a bowl with the following

  • 1/4 cup onions
  • 3/4 cup egg substitute
  • 3/4 cup shredded jack cheese (I used Mozzarella)

Quiche 031

Mixed everything together and evenly spooned it into a muffin tin that I sprayed with PAM

Quiche 042

I popped them into the over at 350 for about 20 minutes till they look fluffy and delicious–kinda like this

Quiche 056

These are super popular with The South Beach crowd–low carbs and calories!

For dessert tonight I just couldn’t resist a tiny scoop of some AMAZING Justins Nut Butter. Yep, I scooped it right outta the jar…it’s THAT good!

Quiche 049

Ok well I am BEYOND tired and I want to get to bet before I devour that whole jar! Mmmmm!


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Hope everyone had a fabulous day! 🙂 Just knowing it was Wed and we’re that much closer to the weekend put a big smile on my face!

I was really excited today to come home and make some Sloppy Joe’s–I used to make these a long time ago and have since modified the recipe to make it a tad healthier, hence the new name “Healthy Joe’s”

newman own 056

  • Lean Ground Turkey
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Green Bell Pepper
  • Diced Tomatoes
  • Chili Powder
  • Nutmeg

I started off by sauteing some garlic, onion and pepper

newman own 026

Brown the Turkey

newman own 039

Added the Diced Tomatoes


newman own 049

Tadaa! A healthier version of my old Sloppy Joe’s! I thought I’d share since I enjoy them so much–The Boo put his in a WW Pita

newman own 053

After din din I enjoyed an amazing piece of NEWMAN’S OWN ORGANICS Super Dark Chocolate

newman own 060

I had to put it away and lock it up in the freezer before I ate the whole bar–it definitely hit the spot and satisfied my sweet tooth!

newman own 065


Oh and BTW–My MONSTER OF A SALAD was a huge success. I wasn’t sure how filling it would be for a work lunch but that thing was pretty huge and didn’t dissapoint. Orange Bell Peppers a new favorite snack of mine, they really did add so much flavor! Yum!

And now I have a date with Jillian Michael’s–we’re going to do some shredding! Hope everyone has a wonderful night!

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I HAVE to say that I made one of my BEST green smoothies today!

Pasta Salad 001

In the mix:

  • A couple of handfuls of Spinach
  • Almond Milk
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • Flax
  • 1 Kiwi

I think the thing that did it was the Kiwi–it was sweeter than usual and definitely quenched my thirst!

Pasta Salad 004 

After my green smoothie and before my trip to the gym I had a little pasta salad that The Boo made–twas delicious!

Pasta Salad 014

  • WW pasta
  • 3 cans tuna
  • 1 cut zucchini
  • 1/4 onion
  • a few carrots
  • Italian Dressing
  • 2-3 Tablespoons of mayo

It was a perfect pre-gym meal!

Pasta Salad 008

I think this might go in the lunchbox for work tomorrow! 🙂

Cliff Bars 002

Look at all of these awesome new flavors we got–haven’t tried most of them yet but that Maple Nut is lookin pretttttttty good!

Hope everyone had a great day! Tomorrow is Wed–halfway through the week woop woop!!! 🙂

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Almond Butter

HAPPY MONDAY! Wow these weekends just fly by–I wish that’s how the work week felt! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The weather here was so beautiful, I didn’t want to waste any time inside and really tried not to!

Yesterday something VERY strange happened to me…I slept till 9! I’m a creature of habit and wake up very very early for work every day (early being 4:30) so on the weekend, like clockwork my eyes open around 6:30 7ish–it’s like impossible for me to sleep longer than that! But somehow I slept till 9 yesterday, I literally didn’t move all night and I think it was definitely needed!

So last night I made some more Almond Butter! I love making it–it’s so easy and fun to make and I can’t get enough of it.

I started by putting them all on a baking sheet and raosting them for 30 min. @ 300 degrees

almond butter 005


I just love the way this makes the house smell! 🙂

Once this is done I stick them in my Magic Bullet and start blending away!

almond butter 010 (2)

I blend them until they’re finely ground and then add a bit of EVOO until I’ve reached the smootheness I’m looking for.

almond butter 011 Sorry it’s a bit blurry

Once I have it to just the right texture, I put it in a little tupperware and mix in some honey to give it a little more flavor!

almond butter 012

And Voila–Almond Butter! Once I’m done I just stick it in the fridge until I’m ready to use it!

So I’m doing a little experimenting this week–No Coffee! I had a little “episode” last week when I came into work and there were no coffee cups to be found! I wasn’t to happy with the way my body reacted to it and thought I would see if I could go a week without. So far so good! I had a delicious Earl Grey Black Tea this morning and I think I just might be able to do this!

Do you drink coffee? Is it something you “need” in the morning to get you going? Who wants to join me for a coffee free week? 🙂

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