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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Yesterday The Boo and I went to the gym BRIGHT and early

  • 10 min Evil Stair Master
  • 3×10 Bicep Curls
  • 3×10 Leg Press
  • 3×10 Tricep Kickbacks

I didn’t get through much cardio today—so tired and taking it easy on the weekend!

After we got showered up and ready for the day, we decided to head to the movies to see Inglorious Bastards. SO SO good, just a little hard to watch at times due to the intense amount of violence, gore and blood. I didn’t mind the AC either though–it was a hot one!

I pretty much refuse to buy snacks at the movies for 2 reasons…

  • #1. WAY too expensive
  • #2.  Not too many healthy choices

So luckily The Boo stashed one of Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls in my purse in case I got the munchies


Aaaand it wasn’t long before I had a taste. It was the Almond Nut Butter Ball with 12 g. of Protein and ehh, I wasn’t crazy about it—only ate about half and put it away. I definitely preferred the Cashew flavor over the Almond.


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Hummus & Nut Butter Balls

It’s almost weekend time YAY!

I seriously don’t know what I ever did before I discovered Hummus–I mean I really only started eating it a few months ago. Before that I had tried it a few times but since I was too busy eating other things (junk), I didn’t give hummus a second thought. NOW I have to have it in my fridge at all times because I’ve learned that you can put it on juuuuust about anything–OK maybe not everything ,but pretty close!

protein 012

Lunch today was something I just threw together since I’m running low on groceries–but I had turkey and I had hummus, so I put them together for a simple but oh so delicious lunch! I had an amazingly juicy peach with it but it didn’t make the picture!  Another one of my GO TOS!

OMG has anyone ever tried Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls? If you haven’t then you MUST try them!

hummus 010

This is the Cashew Pecan flavor w/ Beta Glucan which gives a major boost to the immune system, helps the digestive system and has many other health benefits as well. It was deeeeeeeelicious!

hummus 015

They have everything from Vegan, Organic, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free, Kosher snacks, all loaded with protein, energy and phytosterols–you’ll definitely be seeing more of these from me, it was the perfect pre-workout snack! Aside from their yummy bites, Betty Lou’s also has some low glycemic designer protein shakes that I had The Boo try out tonight.


He mixed it with 10 ounces of Skim Milk and loved it because he said it reminded him of chocolate milk–what could be better than that?

protein 006

This was before he shook it up so it kind of looks scary and bubbly but according to him it was very tasty! The cool part is that it’s Lactose, Gluten, Sugar, and Hormone Free before you add the milk so you could mix it with water, which the package says is preferred, and you’re good to go!

Today at the gym I did

  • 20 min Treadmill Incline
  • 10 min Eliptical w/Resistance
  • Legs
  • Abs
  • 3×10 Bicep Curls
  • 3×10 Tricep Kickbacks

Quick and easy trip!

Definitelytime for bed! Gooooooooodnight!

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