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Endangered Species Chocolate

I got a great package the other day! Why was it great you might ask??? 2 reasons:

  1. It was FILLED with Chocolate
  2. It represents a GREAT cause!

Endangered Species Chocolate Foundation’s mission is empowering individuals to create solutions that sustain species, habit and humanity.

They make charitable donations in 3 ways:

  1. Providing Grants to nonprofits that fulfill the requirements of the Endangered Species Chocolate 10% Give Back application process
  2. Funding and providing volunteers for on-the-ground projects focused on creating solutions that sustain species, habitat and humanity in the areas where Endangered Species Chocolate cacao is grown.
  3. Aiding cacao farmers in the company’s farming communities intimes of crisis.

Chocolate 014

Endangered Species Chocolate has committed to donating 10% of net profits to help support species, habitat and humanity. PLEASE check them out and help support! 🙂

Chocolate 015

Sooo delicious! All of the 3 oz. milk and dark chocolate bars are made with ethically traded, shade-grown cacao and all-natural ingredients.

Their All-Natural bars are certified Gluten-Free and they have a huge selection of Vegan bars as well–the one I ate was one of them!

I’m cutting it short tonight. I met a great  friend for coffee after work today and we ended up talking for hours–so much fun! But now it is time for BED!

Hope everyone had a great day! The week is ALMOST over! 🙂


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