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Hillcrest Farmers Market –voted many times as best of San Diego’s Farmers markets. It’s part of the California Federation of certified Farmers Markets and is located in the DMV parking lot.

Every Sunday from 9-2pm RAIN or SHINE

Hillcrest Market 027

Hillcrest Market 023

Today was my VERY first Farmers Market experience and I’m hooked—it’s such a great weekend GOTO whether it is for the organic, locally grown fruits & veggies or the delicious food from around the county.

I was amazed at the variety that was there


Hillcrest Market 004

Hillcrest Market 005

I have to be honest, one of my favorite parts of the market was the numerous amounts of samples that were offered—not only for the obvious reasons, but I got to try so many things that I would NEVER ever think to buy, or even think I would like.

When is the last time you went to the grocery store and sought out a jelly that would set your mouth on FIRE?!

 Hillcrest Market 034

I’m a huge spice fan so this was right up my alley–I had a taste of the HOT watermelon and the mix of sweet and spicy was incredible!

Hillcrest Market 033

We saw some strawberries that were the size of my head

Hillcrest Market 016

Gorgeous fresh flowers

Hillcrest Market 019

They have live entertainment

Hillcrest Market 024

I came across this great stand

Hillcrest Market 032

All of their items are made from scratch with local and organic ingredients! The first thing I tried was a sample of Strawberry Horchata–it was delicious so I couldn’t resist buying a whole drink

Hillcrest Market 031

How cute is that? A pleasure for the mouth and the eyes! 🙂

Next thing I tried was the Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Hillcrest Market 028

As I was devouring every last drop of my sample, the man at the stand asked me to guess what the “secret” ingredient was–I had no clue but it turned out to be…..AVOCADO! Hmm I would never think to put avocado in chocolate mousse but he said it made a thicker consistency, which it did, and offcially made it healthy, which I guess it did as well! Loved them and I’m defiitely making my way over there again the next time I’m there–I think I may have found my signature Hillcrest FM drink! 🙂

Hillcrest Market 008

How good does THAT look? Vegan Cashew Cheese Pizza! One of our good friends that also came to the market had this and said it was DELICIOUS!

Hillcrest Market 011

It really did look as good as she said it was, in fact, I wish I would have gotten a piece as well–Luckily I snapped this photo and can try to recreate it myself! 🙂

The Boo also got a plate of amazingness

Hillcrest Market 010

A Beef Sandwich on Pita Bread–I guess it was a Gyro…

I didn’t make a Green Smoothie today

Hillcrest Market 007

Soooo I was super excited to see they had some samples of a delicious green mix–it definitely made me rethink what I’ve been using and you may be seeing some new ingredients very soon! 🙂

Hillcrest Market 025

Hillcrest Market 002

Hillcrest Market 001

I’ve lived in San Diego for most of my life and now after experiencing my first trip to a FM, I’m sad it took so long for me to get there. I highly recommend a trip to one of SD’s best, whether it be for the great local produce, or the fun atmosphere–Hillcrest Farmer’s Market is definitely not something you want to miss out on!

It was such a Beautiful day–I can’t wait to go back and to try more of San Diego’s Farmers Markets.


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