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Rutabaga Fries

As most of you know, I’ve recently been trying to branch out of my little bubble of habbits–well I was at the grocery store looking for some new and exciting food to add to the menu this week and I came across something I’ve NEVER had…a Rutabaga. I’ve heard of them and have seen them used in different dishes but had yet to try this cross between a cabbage and turnip–so I picked a few up and here is what I did!

rutabaga fries 009

Preheat oven to 425

I peeled them as I would a potato and made my best attempt at cutting them into FRIES–some steak fries, some shoestring fries 🙂 I’m working at my fry cutting skills for sure!

rutabaga fries 010

I spread them out on a pan then; added a bit of EVOO, salt, nutmeg, and basil–all spices I like, so I  figured they’d go great all together (I’m such a professional, I know!)

rutabaga fries 015

I let them cook for about 14 minutes…they made the house smell amazing! When I took them out of the oven I threw on a bit more seasoning and let them sit for a few before I dove in!

rutabaga fries 016

Well…..I loooooved them! 🙂

They had a spice to them that I really enjoyed and the mix that I threw on top wasn’t bad at all, infact I’ll definitely use it again next time.

rutabaga fries 020

I really am a HUGE french fry fan and am always looking for healthy variations, so the fact that this one has fewer calories AND carbs than an actual potato is awesome, especially since I’ll be making them again.


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